Flat Bar Polishing / Linishing

Flat Bar Polishing / Linishing

Polishing stainless steel flat bar gives a high grain finish and also helps to protect the metal.

With our in-house polishing machine we offer different grit finish to suit specific customer needs. 

Machine capabilities:

  • The finish ranges from 120 – 400 grit, including buffing when requested
  • If a #4 finish is required we suggest a 240 grit finish as comparable
  • We can polish on just 1 or both faces and clean up the edges to 120 grit
  • The length of the flat bar that we work with ranges from 1.2m, 4m to 6m
  • Width of flat bar can vary from 12mm to 200mm
  • Maximum thickness for edge smoothing is 20mm and it shouldn’t be thinner than 4mm 
  • We encourage you to request a sample polish to see if the outcome meets your requirements