Pickling & Passivation

What is Pickling and Passivation?

Pickling is a controlled chemical reaction on the surface of the stainless steel item which effectively cleans the surface. After pickling and cleaning successfully a stainless item will passivate as it comes into contact with the air. After pickling a new chromium-oxide, passive film reforms. 

How can we assist?

We have a facility that can clean large and small stainless-steel components. We immersion pickle items in a bath and maintain a standard by regularly testing, cleaning and adding chemicals to the bath.

We have suitable loading and unloading facilities for up to 1.5T loads on site (fork hoists & gantry).

Our Pickle bath sizes:

Large Pickle Bath:

  • 10.5m long x 1.25m wide x 0.9m deep.
  • We double dip items which have a depth >0.9m and up to 1.8 m
  • Max. weight 900 kg load

Small Pickle Bath:

  • 3.6m long x 1.2m wide x 1.0m deep

Benefits of Pickling and Passivation

  • Provides a consistent matt finish across the item
  • Surfaces not suitable for mechanical cleaning can be cleaned
  • Helps protect from tea staining
  • Quick & cost effective
  • Able to clean inside where often mechanical cleaning cannot reach
  • Chemically treats the heat affected zones after welding
  • A new passive layer forms after the stainless part is removed from the pickle bath and cleaned with fresh water
  • Removes most contaminants and iron from the surface